Things To Know About Car Accident Injury Laws

Car accident causes personal injury and loss of property, some accident are caused out of human error, while others results from mechanical failure of a car, regardless of the causes one should know the following car accident injury laws in order to claim insurance compensation benefits.

Call the police

· Regardless of the magnitude of the accident, i.e. minor the injury from it might not be apparent right away, one ought to notify the police in order to be eligible to claim insurance compensation benefits from an insurance company, one should also take some photograph of damaged car body using either his cell phone or camera and get a copy of police collision report, those are vital document for one to use to claim of an insurance compensation.

Record contact information.

· One should record contact information of any person who witness the accident or is in away related to the accident such as doctor, collision center employee, police officers or fire fighter, those people are of paramount importance as one can use them as witness when claiming for insurance compensation or defending the cause of accident.

Get in touch with a lawyer immediately. 

· One should immediately get in touch with lawyer after an accident and then a family doctor, after one receive an insurance claim package he or she has30 days to send the necessary forms to the insurance company, the doctor and the lawyer helps one in feeling insurance form correctly and thus preventing the insurance company from denying ones claim.

Notify insurance company.

· One should take less than 7 days to notify his or her insurance company in order to be eligible for any benefit from the company, delaying to do so may lead to deny of compensation by the company.

One should find out of any other health insurance coverage. 

· One should look of other health insurance benefit coverage such as employment benefits, one’s spouse benefit and university benefit, those benefits needs to be first exhausted before car insurance benefit can be used.

Attend the necessary assessment and rehabilitation treatments.

· One should attend the necessary rehabilitation and assessment programs suggested by one’s doctor and lawyer, those are important in improving one’s healthy and gathering evidence to obtain large settlement.

Save and organize a copy of every document and item.

· Any document copy that is relevant to accident or insurance claim such as police report, one’s insurance company policy, medical prescription, medicine bottles, income tax form , all relevant receipt expenses , should be well protected and stored as they are relevant in claiming of an insurance benefits.

Record all the ongoing health changes.

· One should record all his health changes after an accident and how they affect his or her daily activities e.g. working, child caring, this helps in increasing one settlement benefits.

Act fast.

· Insurance company normally operates on deadline, one should thus act quickly to avoid being blocked by those deadlines, it important for one to know the major deadlines , such submitting the drive who caused an accident within 2 years after the accident.

Most accident result from careless and rough driving this problem can be solved by employing a driver with British driving licence as those drivers are highly skilled.